The World Of Yetty D


Revolution by Yetty D is an Indie brand with fusion of Afro/Urban with a Western flavour, inspired by contemporary art, hip hop fashion, rock and she’s got soul. The brand is Exclusively Creativity, Individuality on the idea of Innovation and Versatility is the key with a focus on women, menswear, and kidswear – indeed something for everyone. Inspiration comes seamlessly through everyday experiences and the environment that we live in.

If you are young at heart, trendy, fashion conscious and love to feel good in what you wear you will definitely be impressed with the style of Yetty.

Yetty’s world is an eventful one with deadlines, consulting with clients, keeping abreast of current trends and creating trends, co-ordinating stylists, choosing models, organising fashion shows, photography, sketching new ideas and showcasing new designs for the press, buyers and clients,– there is never a dull moment.

The Kuhn-tem-puh-rer-ee Pop fashion designer, Yetty D ends each creative experience with unique, one off piece; limited edition clothing that makes her style stand out amongst her contemporaries.

Mixing high edge contemporary art, styles, and fashion….

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